Manufacturing, service/trucking, staffing, distributions companies can take advantage of supplier discounts or pay off stretched obligations with 95% advances on ARs. We have sources of Purchase Order financing to integrate into AR financing,

Asset Based lenders funding down to $300 K, and we have  factoring companies and merchant cash advance lenders that can advance 125 % if there are personal guarantees with NO NOTIFICATION..

KCC can help GROW businesses, purchase equipment or inventory, make payroll, and pay 941 taxes fast with aggressive working capital finance and one can finance inventory only if requested to pay off tax liens.

• Our sources can finance medical or dental ARs, construction progress billings, government ARs, foreign ARs, concentrations, start- ups, and we have an SBA LENDER THAT WILL FUND EVEN IF THERE IS A BANKRUPTCY OR SHORT SALE IN THE PAST.

Companies can maintain current ownership percentages and KCC lenders can finance companies in Chapter 7/11/12 bankruptcy with factoring  and over line draft bank lines for more availability of credit.

Our equipment leasing sources have financed over One Billion of equipment in every business field and can finance internationally from $5,000 to $50MM with very aggressive, quick, and competitive underwriting including point of manufacturing at zero rates and one source can fund C- credit companies. The new tax bill will explode equipment sales with a 100% deduction.

Refinance of equipment or real estate can provide more working capital, and we have sources for municipal leasing, commercial real estate refinance or mortgage refinance, equity, or Mezzanine or cash flow only lending with no collateral to improve cash flow or liquidity on the balance sheet.

We Look forward to serving  the best interests of your customers before 2017 ends, and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best Regards,

Bruce Kessler, MBA/ChFc

11701 Wedd,  Suite 4
Overland Park, KS  66210

913-302-3127 cell
913-661-0644 fax

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