KESSLER CAPITAL recently developed a relationship with Cornerstone Companies of Kansas City  ( at the request of clients. Cornerstone is the fastest growing employee Benefits firm in the Midwest. They have developed a group health  insurance platform with proprietary software that provides Fortune 500 benefits for medium sized companies.

Some of what they have to offer are the following:

• A best in class full benefit paperless administration system. This allows full onboarding of new employees such as their tax forms, I-9s, and benefit enrollment creating ease in hiring.

• Full Service Human resource consulting and outsourcing with a live person.

• Specialized Markets/Contracts in the Group Health Insurance space such as the largest Association Medical Insurance program in the US and the finest group health insurance captive arrangement in the US with the normal 20-30% cost savings over brokers with WORKPRO and BEETHOVEN software.

• Cornerstone is excellent in the Property Casualty arena with very competitive Workman’s compensation, liability, E &O, Umbrella, PSA and other surety bonds, livestock insurance, and safety compliance and training. 70% of companies  are overpaying for workman’s compensation if annual premiums are over $50 K especially with claims—entire associations are clients of Cornerstone with many large companies using the proprietary third party administration software with better service, and Cornerstone will conduct a free audit on request.

• Kessler Capital (  is partnering with Cornerstone to increase profitable for you in tandem with on providing aggressive working capital, equipment leasing, and real estate finance, equity representing the most competitive non –unregulated financing sources across the country to help your company grow with 100 % financing in many cases even with difficult credit, bankruptcy , or for start -up companies.

• We look forward to hearing from you  soon with specific needs and you can reach us at the phone numbers listed below or E mail us 24/7.

Best Regards,

Bruce Kessler, MBA/ChFc

11701 Wedd,  Suite 4
Overland Park, KS  66210

913-302-3127 cell
913-661-0644 fax

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