Uncomplicated Commercial Lending

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Our programs offer you and your customers Uncomplicated Commercial Lending

At Kessler Capital Consulting, we help American businesses develop equipment financing strategies that work for financial, cash flow and taxation consideration when they acquire equipment of all types.

Low monthly payments and minimal up front investments, coupled with our long-term relationship philosophy, make choosing our lending sources  a sound decision. With their highly evolved programs, proven effective over years of service, you can acquire any equipment easily with a financial product that makes sense for your unique needs.  Over the years, they have helped thousands of companies, large and small, capitalize on a vast range of business-building opportunities. With their creative solutions, competitive rates, flexible payment programs and equipment-specific end-of-term options, they can do the same for you. Their products can help you solve even the most complicated financing transactions because they can be specially tailored to your industry.

Kessler Capital represents companies with Competitive Rates on Equipment Leases & Loans written from $10,000 to $50MM of equipment cost by:

• Commercial Vehicle Financing

• Technology Equipment Financing & Leasing

• Accounts Receivable Lending–$5 K to $30 K, no personal guarantees, no minimum  FICO, funding in 3-5 days, 95% advances

• Start ups, fast growing companies, distressed, or bank turn downs are of interest

• Point-of-Purchase Programs for Manufacturers, Dealers & Distributors

• Varied Flexible Payment Plans

• All Types of Equipment

• International leasing is available for companies with a lending source with over $1 Billion funded in 20 years

From credit decisions to funding to administration of your agreement  , our sources are organized to deliver quick responses and superior service, including help with terms and structuring. We want to make sure that products work to your advantage, building competitive power and profits – fast.

Let us help you grow your business!

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Uncomplicated Commercial Finance

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